Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't Take My Word For It

I just went out and shot the drainage ditch from the previous post again with my phone camera.
Getting the same angle and distance from memory didn't quite work out, but it's close enough.
This is what it usually looks like.

Wherever a ditch crosses a low road, barricades go up to protect the stupid from themselves.
The catchy motto is Turn Around, Don't Drown! but every year a bunch of morons try to drive through rushing water and get swept away to their deaths.
If you go around a barricade--even if successful--there's a fine of a few hundred dollars.
If you have to get rescued by the fire department, you pay the fine AND pay for the rescue.
I think sterilization should be added, to protect the quality of the gene pool.
Sadly, it's probably too late for that.

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