Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Easter Bunnies Pictures"

There's so much wrong with this I'm afraid to start.
Captive rabbits next to a busy street, breathing exhaust fumes all day? I took this out the passenger window of my brother's truck, stopped at a redlight, sending our own burnt hydrocarbon bouquet into the bunny cage. Sowwy, wabbits!

The wheels are coming off the wagon, so that's a nice safety issue to think about.
When you prop your toddler in the wagon's seat, do they move the signs and awning so they're out of the frame?
Do you have to take your own pictures or is there a photographer on duty, and what does that job pay?

And the background, behind the wagon....oh just forget it.
I'm too tired to give this bullshit operation the thrashing it deserves.

Fiesta is about to start, and I plan to catch a ton of stupidity this year.
Maybe even go to a parade!

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