Thursday, January 26, 2006

Progress, My Ass

I'm bummed out.
You see, running parallel to IH10 West just past Loop 1604 was a
rather historic railroad line. Originally the San Antonio & Aransas Pass,
then the Texas & New Orleans, Southern Pacific and finally owned
by the "Borg", Union Pacific, which assimilates smaller railroads
into the collective, this stretch of rails dates back more than a century.
Over the past few years the tracks have been pulled up, bit by bit.
The people who live in The Dominion shouldn't have to drive their
Porsches over bumpy tracks every day, right?
Eventually reduced to a short spur that served a lumber yard and
a limestone quarry, it was a favorite place of mine because of
this old timber trestle across Leon Creek.

Well, the quarry closed and the land was sold to developers
who are building 'The Rim', another shopping center.
And since shoppers shouldn't be expected to drive their SUVs
over bumpy tracks, the rails I took train photos on a few weeks ago
are suddenly gone and the trestle's days are numbered.
We can't have some bored kids leaving mommy's side and falling off
the bridge into shallow water, or more likely onto rocks and caliche
since the creek only runs after it rains.
So a peaceful place where I would take pictures and daydream
about watching trains as a little kid is ruined forever.
It's not the end of the world, but whenever I come back to shop
at the new BestBuy and BassProShop, my heart will break just
a little bit more.

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