Monday, December 05, 2005

SONY Steps In Shit

This cartoon was in my newspaper the same day that
The State Of Texas filed a lawsuit against SONY
for including nasty SpyWare on their music CDs.
When played in the CDROM of a Windows computer
that doesn't have 'Auto-Run' disabled the disc will
install a small program that contacts the mothership
(Sony) and tells them if you have illegally copied the
music files, shared them on the web, or otherwise
violated some copyright law.
Big Brother Indeed!
But even worse is the fact that sloppy work by the
spyware's author enables hackers to exploit it and
attack computers belonging to the unknowing people
who's only mistake was to play a fucking Celine Dion disc
while surfing for inspirational websites that chronical
the successes experienced by the copper-bracelet
It's sad that the only assholes who are going to lose
their jobs over this are the incompetent programmers
who botched the code and clued everyone in on the fact
that the corporate world plays hardball, and we all suffer
for it as often as we benefit.

Sony is offering replacement discs if you need one.
Consider yourselves warned.

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