Saturday, December 24, 2005

Fairdale Apartments

Just after sunset one day I found myself back on the other
side of town, near the apartments where I used to live.
Made up of one-story duplexes, this place was VERY
affordable and there was a convenience store 40 feet from
my front door, so cold beer was...convenient.
On the downside, the place was an absolute shithole.
I suppose it was fine for those who like having someone knock on
their door at 3am trying to sell crack cocaine.
Then there was the random gunfire, toothless people who
try to talk to you but you can't understand what they're saying.
Can YOU sleep soundly when there are patched bullet holes in the
It's hard to believe I spent 6 years there.
My apartment was haunted by a violent spirit, too. I have four witnesses, and scars.

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