Friday, October 14, 2005

City Government Silliness

San Antonio's Code-Compliance department has
a mascot! A guy in a city codes book costume!
I can't begin to imagine the reasons for this,
and if the 'what the fuck' look on this kid's face
is any indication, nobody else gets it either.

Sometime this week while I wasn't looking,
Zzakk's Garage passed the 1000 visits milestone.
When you consider that I don't link to this site
from any of my others, or from my signature on
the various discussion forums I visit, the popularity
of Z's G is astonishing to me.
The number of repeat visitors is climbing faster than I
could reasonably expect, and I don't even know how
you people found this place, beyond the dozen or so friends
I personally invited.
Unlike Views of Texas, my main photoblog, I don't even
try to post my best photos here. Instead this site
gets my mildly humorous rejects.
Anyone care to explain the success to me, or tell me
how you got here?

1 comment:

Matthew Robertson said...

The photos you put here are the ones that nobody else publishes. There's plenty of places for pretty pictures out there already, but here you post the interesting ones.

Besides, this site has personality. Who else will defend pigeons?