Monday, August 02, 2010

Call-Girl Barbie

I'm afraid that Mattel hasn't gotten the word that the USA is full of change up to our ears.
(Okay, the change only reaches our knees--let's be honest).
From the Barbie Basics™ line, the only black doll is also the only one with her tits hanging out.
At least she looks stylish in her basic attire.
You need a lot of expensive accessories to portray Streetwalker Barbie, although business must be bad because she's on clearance.



KenKzak said...

Does she come with those stupid platform high heels, or boots that are made for walking?

Try this link for a laugh.

Marty said...

no no, Mattel is just diversifying their role models for little girls, giving geek barbie and astronaut barbie some competition.

Anonymous said...

1. Send a letter to Mattel and tell them to cut the crap.
2. Don't buy this.
3. Keep an eye on your daughter's friends to find out whether their parents' bought one for them.
4. Let your child get one and don't be surprised if she hasn't got the morals you would like her to have.