Thursday, July 15, 2010

Real Men?

As a "real" man who happens to love Jesus, this truck offends me.

Is this meant to sway men who are on the fence as far as both Christianity and their sexual identity?
Appealing to their self-doubt doesn't seem like something Jesus would approve of.
He never used this tactic anywhere in the Bible that I can recall.

If someone doesn't believe, but then makes the leap based on seeing this truck, I'm afraid I have to doubt their sincerity.
This kind of stuff makes Christians look like idiots--on par with the loud and obnoxious "preachers" who make visiting the Alamo such an ordeal.

Proclaiming that real men love kittens isn't going to make someone who hates cats suddenly love them, so why would it work for something as serious as faith?

So annoying...


1 comment:

KenKzak said...

That's a faggy SUV too. At least for a "real" man to drive.
Definitely identity issues.