Tuesday, March 09, 2010

NameThat Car

Clues: '70s, rare, not so much a musclecar as a sporty wannabe, based on a POS.


KenKzak said...

Dodge Demon.
'69 or '70 thru ummm 1972, then superceded by the Dodge Dart Sport in '73 which I had.
Brother to the Plymouth Duster.
Uni-body construction was it's weakness, but it did keep the weight down. Most had 318 V8 or 225 slant-6. A 340 V8 could really make'em move, a larger retrofit could start to twist the sheet metal. What FUN!!!

Keith Alan K said...

We have a winner!
I was very surprised to see a Demon, let alone one that looked so cherry.