Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Genny Cream

In 1981-2 I could (carefully!) walk across Route 9 in Clifton Park NY to a liquor store that sold 6-packs of Genny Cream for $1.60--and often did.

Times change.


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KenKzak said...

Well Yeah.
Gennesee was a regional cheap beer back then. I remember $0.60 drafts in a pilsner glass too.
It's Like drinking Pearl [even lower than Lone Star] down here.

I'd like to know what Genny Cream goes for up there now, but for sure we're seeing it as a pretentious out of town [practically imported] psuedo micro brew down here.
Still tastes good though.
Pretty label now too.

BTW-Why should we have to pay import prices for Shiner?
The brewery is just a few counties east of here.