Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All Hail Zzakk's Garage Post #301

One of those storms that's unlike anything I've seen previously.
A long front--by the time the sucker hit us it had suddenly developed into a line that spanned three big Texas counties, but was so thin that the hail, rain and high winds only lasted for 15-20 minutes or so.
Should have made a screen-grab of the radar--never seen white on the Nexlab Mosaic Animation before.

Hail is fun when it isn't dangerous. Our metal patio roof sounded like a bad drummer who only uses the snare and tunes it really high.
I love how the TV weather dorks always use something dumb to help their viewers visualize the size of hail--as if they've never used a ruler before.
Then again, the general public isn't as swift as my readers :)

"Pea-sized hail" makes me think it's yellow, too.
"Baseball-sized hail" is bigger than pool ball hail, but is it heavier?
Apparently there's no such thing as hail-sized hail, yet every single hailstone is exactly that.
(Don't think about it too much or you'll freak out, ya damn dirty hippies!)

I used the classic quarter comparison, since it was in my pocket and has become the blogging standard.

A neighbor was out watching from the front porch, too.
Her awesome yelled advice was to "Put your cars in the garage!"
Like we're too stupid to think of that ourselves?
Would've been the first thing we did instead of taking pictures had Zzakk's actual Garage not been too busy holding bikes and tools and other extra junk, listening to Iron Maiden, making out with that slutty 3-car garage from the next street over, and getting into my vodka.

The older Honda is a faded stealthy ripper that revels in it's ugliness (and redlight purchase offers) while the newer one saved us at least 3 grand by already having hail damage that you can only see when the moon is full.

Our position is that "Acts of God" are muy bien.

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