Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ben Was Wise

From the Fiesta Oyster Bake.

In the background is the sound mixing console I didn't operate today.
Photos were more important to the band, although I think I should have run the first few songs anyway just to give the hired crew an idea of what rock music is supposed to sound like.

Had a Sony Memory Stick failure today.
The good news is that it doesn't technically belong to me and has low capacity so I don't really give a shit.
I always format before using a stick that has sat around unused for months, and that's when the error code showed-up.
I'm waiting for Sony-branded 2GB Pro sticks to hit $20--then I'll be all set.
As it is now I can't shoot more than 300 photos before returning to my computer with a case full of memory--a 2GB MSPro will put me past 1000.
I think one is all I need, but spares are required since they won't make such small-capacity ones for very long and 2 gigs is the most my camera was designed to handle. Probably need to buy three at least to ensure my future.
I've been bitten in the ass a few times by last-year's size going on sale then being withdrawn from the market before I had enough of them. Won't pay full price, won't buy inferior brands, still pissed that I paid $35 for a 64mb MS a few years ago when you can get 2gb for that much now.

The camera and computer memory market is a racket.
Every year they double the storage capacity, yet the prices soon fall to where they were before. So they double capacity to get the morons to pay full price again.


Matthew Robertson said...

This post made me smile because it's such a clear case of our different approaches to photography and the results we get.

About the same time you were posting this, I was heading down to the store because they'd finally gotten the memory that I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. You know that I suffer a bad case of Latest And Greatest, or in this case Bigger and Faster. The result is that I've happily paid ten times as much as you're willing to, to get five times the memory, for a capacity of exactly the same number of photos.

About 1000.

It made me laugh.
(And I love my new Lexar 8GB 300x card.)

KeithAlanK said...

Glad you enjoyed this.

And 1000 photos is WAY too many for casual shooters like myself.

I'm "blessed" with 2.3mb max jpgs and a computer that would flip over and play MSDead if I tried to jam the same number of your RAW files into it, and I don't have a single problem with this.
Using supposedly-obsolete equipment like the F717 gives me the same joy as those Holga freaks get, but with better results when I need it.

Pity-Envy is a complex emotion, right?
I would love your budget but to be honest the market hasn't come anywhere near to fulfilling my needs until recently.
Just hope I can run with the rest of the pack for a year or two more.