Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Northern Tools Gets Funny

I love it when a company gets a sense of humor. This world is too damn serious most of the time, and when a laugh comes from somewhere that's completely unexpected it's appreciated.

Northern Tools™ isn't Craftsman® by any stretch, but they have a ton of useful stuff at affordable prices.
If you need a certain tool for one or two side-jobs that aren't part of your daily routine, why bother with the most-durable, most-featured, most-expensive versions when you can save a few dozen dollars and still make your way through the project successfully?
And if you can get a laugh or two while shopping there, all the better.

In their catalog I noticed a padded camo toilet seat that attaches to the trailer hitch on your truck.
"Hey Billy-Bob, where's Jimmy-Wayne?"
"Oh, he went around behind his pickup and I never did see him after that. Maybe you should go check on him."

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