Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jello Wrestling

My band played an interesting show last night.
The dance floor was roped off and tarped because after we finished (early--yay!) there was Jello Wrestling for girls only. Grand prize was $300 cash, runner-up got a $100 bar tab.
Since the sports bar hosting the event is known for skanky waitresses with their boobs and butts hanging out I guess I was expecting bikinis and model wannabes putting on a show, but these "ladies" were hardcore!
The little one in the pink shirt was waiting her turn and looked pretty intimidated by the much bigger competition, but as the photos below show, when her turn came she fought like a tiger!

Everyone in the band was impressed, and I hope she finished in the money, but I have no idea whether she won or lost because the chance to get home long before 3-4am was too good to pass up.
Even the 69-cent beers couldn't keep me there, and that's saying something!

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