Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mmmm, Drinks!

Here's a studio-type image I just did on a whim.
I was about to crack open the bottle in this delightful
set I got for $7 at Costco, when I decided to put together a
quick photo for practice, and to record the pretty glassware
while the bottle was still full.
There are some major flaws because I was in a hurry.
Like the shadows behind the tumbler and the light
spilling all over the place.
But like I said, I was hurrying.
Because I really like whiskey.
Even this blended Canadian piss. (Just a joke, m!)
The glass isn't huge; the bottle is small.
So very very sad; it's almost gone.
(What are YOU drinking, Buz? Mmm, drimphs!)

Some people drink to get drunk, some for a social
I, on the other hand, drink to get a
social drunk lubricated.

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